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Sonatina Festival

Premier competitive event for piano students on the Western Slope.  This event held every other year in late February or early March at Colorado Mesa University challenges students from beginning to advanced to prepare for high quality performance. 





Sonatina Festival Judging sheet

Sonatina Festival Repertoire List

Festival Con Brio Adjudicator Sheet

Performers’ Choice

This event is held in alternate years in late February or early March at Colorado Mesa University.  Students may perform pieces of their choice.  Judges provide constructive feedback. 

Performer's Choice Explanation
Performer's Choice Festival Rules

Performer's Choice Registration Form

Performer's Choice Elementary
Performer's Choice E Intermediate 
Performer's Choice Intermediate
Performer's Choice E Advanced
Performer's Choice Advanced
Performer's Choice Artist

Ribbon Festival

Ribbon Festival Packet


Other Important Forms

Musical Gala Information and Registration

GJMTA Scholarship Application

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